Testing Capabilities

EMSL Analytical has access to some of the most advanced state-of-the-art testing equipment in the industry. The specialized staff of professionals has experience providing a wide range of unique services for a diverse range of clients. The materials testing laboratory can handle almost any special request and have made a name for themselves as the "go to" laboratory for unique and special requests.

Materials Identification

Contamination Testing

Chemical Analysis

Failure and Metallurgical Analysis

Mechanical Testing

Plastics, Polymers and Nonmetallics Testing



EMSL Analytical can analyze your samples for everything from the common tensile and compression test to advanced deterioration studies. EMSL routinely evaluates products for effectiveness during heat and humidity studies.

Deterioration of structural integrity due to contact with moisture, solvents and physical damage are just a portion of the testing that can be performed by EMSL’s experienced staff.


EMSL also maintains an in-house machine shop in order to tailor make grips, holders and equipment for specialized parts and materials testing.

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